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Best Arizona Leadership Camps Summer 2017 Directory

Find the Best Leadership Camps in Arizona!

Over 13 Arizona Leadership Summer Camps Listed Below with In-Depth Camp Info, including: Videos, Photos, Maps & Detailed Descriptions

Winter & Winter Break Leadership Camps, Programs, Workshops, & Classes in Arizona are Starting in December, 2016

Many of our Arizona Leadership Camps offer Winter & Winter Break Leadership Programs, Activities, Workshops & Classes starting in December, 2016.

Be sure to check the "Year-Round Programs and Other Camp Info" headings of each camp listing for specifics, or give any Leadership Camp you're interested in a call to check on Winter & Winter Break dates, times and availability.

Winter & Winter Break 2017 Leadership Camp Open Houses & Reunions

Many of our Leadership Camps will be hosting Winter & Winter Break Reunions for their previous campers, and Winter & Winter Break Open Houses for interested new campers and families. Each camp is different, and some offer activities for the entire family.

Contact the camp(s) directly to see if there are any Camp Reunion or Open House Plans for December, 2016.

Best Arizona Winter & Winter Break Leadership Day Camps Starting in December, 2016

Looking for a Great Arizona Leadership Day Camp? Look at each camp's TYPE OF CAMP description. Many of our Best Arizona Day Leadership Camps also list their exact hours, and if they offer before and after camp activities.

Best Arizona Year-Round
Leadership Camps, Classes & Leadership Programs

Many of our Best Arizona Summer Leadership Camps also offer Year Round Leadership Camp Programs, Classes, and Activities. You should contact the camps you are interested in to see if they offer Fall, Winter and/or Spring Leadership Programs, too.

Best Arizona Winter & Winter Break Leadership Camp Jobs

Searching for Arizona Leadership Camp Jobs? Many of our Best Leadership Camps are now listing their 2017 Winter & Winter Break Camp Jobs, too. Look for the heading "Summer Camp Jobs" in each camp listing. You can also check any camp's website for their "Work at Camp" or "Winter & Winter Break Employment Opportunities" pages.

View ALL AZ Camps with Winter & Winter Break Work & Leadership Training Opportunities.

Some of the Best Leadership Camps in the Southwest are here in Arizona.



Camp Lantern Creek
Montgomery, Texas

Ages: 7 - 16 . All Girl Campers. Overnight Camp.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Lantern Creek is an overnight camp for girls ages 7-17 located in the piney woods of Montgomery,Texas.  We have gone beyond the traditional rules for what summer camp "should" be and developed unexpected, wide-ranging activities with a common theme: fostering self-confidence and creative thinking in girls. We nurture a diverse group of girls to feel that they can accomplish anything - or at least try. We celebrate both successes and great attempts.

View this Featured Camp's Full Profile


 Check Out These *Featured Camp(s):


Reptile Encounters
Scottsdale, Arizona

Visit Our Reptile Encounters Website
480-513-4377 X3
Near Dynamite & Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, Arizona 85266

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona

20701 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Suite 107 - PMB 401
Scottsdale, AZ 85266


TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm, except for half-day 6-7 year old camp

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Reptile Encounters is an adventure into the world of herpetology, perfect for young reptile enthusiasts! This conservation based day camp utilizes interactions, observations, and lessons about the 1700+ animals at the PHS Sanctuary. We also have specialty camps like Croc Camp, Vet Camp, & Turtle/Tortoise Camp! We also have day-camps year round for a fun day when kids are out of school!

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: We have special needs campers in many of our camp sessions and do our best to make every possible accommodation so that they may also receive the camp experience.

Science, Technology, Academics, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. - Herpetology
- Reptile
- Conservation

Reptile Encounters is a Top Leadership Summer Camp located in Scottsdale Arizona offering many fun and educational Leadership and other activities, including: Adventure, Technology, Wilderness/Nature and more. Reptile Encounters is a top Leadership Camp for ages: 6 -14.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located in north Scottsdale, near the major cross streets of Dynamite Blvd. and Scottsdale Rd. We are approximately 6 miles north north east of the Loop 101/Scottsdale Rd. exit.

CAMP FACILITIES: PHS is a non profit reptile sanctuary with over 1700 animals. We have two classrooms in our Conservation Center which has multiple avenues for technological opportunities, including research and experiments. Some camp activities will occur outdoors, as many of our animals are housed in outdoor enclosures on our 2.5 acre property.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: The Phoenix Herpetological Society believes that "Conservation Begins With Education" and that youth are truly the future of many of our creatures. The Reptiles Encounters Summer Camp has received glowing reviews from campers and parents, who are always wow-ed by the experiences the campers have while at the PHS summer camp.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: We do offer limited counselor in training programs for teenagers who want more of a leadership role in the camp process. Preference is given to campers with previous PHS experience, but new campers are also welcome. We use the same application as the campers, but require the potential CIT to come in to the sanctuary for a conversation with his/her parent or guardian about what the CIT responsibilities include so that everyone is on the same page.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Scholarships are available on a limited basis and require an additional application.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: PHS offers educational events, family outings, and school programs all year long, including special events and tours of our sanctuary. Email the PHS Director of Education & Outreach at crystie[AT] for more information or for a copy of our Educator Resource Guide.

For summer camps, cost is $275.00 per week per student, except for Croc Camp & Vet Camp which is $300 and the 6 - 7 Year old Neonate camp which is $150.
Please visit website for camp session dates and information or email the PHS Director of Education & Outreach at crystie[AT]

We are currently accepting applications for (unpaid) Summer Camp Education Interns.  Applicants should be enthusiastic and passionate about reptiles and conservation and shouold have some previous experience with reptiles and/or informal education.

Email crystie[AT] for formal job descriptions or more information in general. Please include resume, cover letter of interest, and three references.

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Reptile Encounters

There are 13 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

Arizona Leadership Camps

Be sure to ask each Arizona Leadership Camp about the amount of leadership instruction and the overall intensity of their leadership program.

Some Top Arizona Leadership Camps offer rigorous daily leadership training and lots of intensive leadership experience. Other great Arizona Camps offer leadership as an elective or recreational activity with much less training and intensity.

View ONLY Arizona Leadership Day Camps?

Would you like to see a List of Top Arizona Leadership Day Camps Only, Organized by City?

We will re-sort this list and show you only Leadership Day Camps, organized alphabetically by city.

Musical Theatre Camp at EVCT
Mesa, Arizona

Visit Our Musical Theatre Camp at EVCT Website
4501 East Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85205

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Mesa, Arizona

4501 East Main Street Mesa AZ 85205

CAMPER AGES: Ages 8-15

TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. Monday - Friday from 8:30 am until 4 pm

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Musical Theatre Camp at EVCT is a skill based camp for kids to experience and learn skills in musical theatre. AM, PM and all day programs are available for this two week camp.

Dance, Theater, Musical Theater, Music/Band, and more.

Musical Theatre Camp at EVCT is a Top Leadership Summer Camp located in Mesa Arizona offering many fun and educational Leadership and other activities, including: Dance, Musical Theater, Theater and more. Musical Theatre Camp at EVCT is a top Leadership Camp for ages: Ages 8-15.

CAMP LOCATION: Camp is held at the EVCT Studio located on the southeast corner of Main Street and Greenfield Road in Mesa, in the East Valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

CAMP FACILITIES: We have three large class rooms and two smaller ones and all materials necessary for our program.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Camp programs include Classes in Acting, Dance and Music in the morning from 8:30 until 12 noon. In the afternoon from 12:30 until 4 pm we hold a musical theatre performance workshop. Camp meets for two week and participants can attend all day, morning only or afternoon only. Our staff are all professional performers from the Phoenix Metropolitan area with many years of experience in performing and all hold degrees in their respective teaching fields and have current finger print cards. Our goal is to learn basics in performing on stage and give each child an opportunity to explore performing, including learning skills in singing, dance and acting while enjoying a great time and meeting new friends.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: We do have teen volunteers who help at camp. Applications for camp counselors can be found on our website at This Website Link.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: We do have a few scholarships available. Call the East Valley Children's Theatre office for an application. Scholarship are usually 1/4 to 1/2 of the fees for the camp. We also offer sibling discounts & multiple camp discounts - call the office for that information also at 480-756-3828

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: EVCT holds classes year round at its Studio, 4501 East Main Street in Mesa, AZ. Classes in acting and musical theatre, performance troupes (acting, musical theatre and improv) programs for home schooled kids, a technical theatre program, one day workshops and open theatre. East Valley Children's Theatre is the resident children's theatre at the Mesa Arts Center performing four main stage productions yearly.

June 19-30 and July 10-21, 2017 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 4 pm. AM session also available from 8:30-12 noon and PM session from 12:30-4 pm.

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Musical Theatre Camp at EVCT

There are 12 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

Leadership Camps in AZ
Offer Day & Overnight Options

Some Arizona Leadership Camps offer BOTH Day and Overnight Camp options. Be sure to check each camp's description under "TYPE OF CAMP" for complete information, and exact hours.

Some Arizona Leadership Day Camps also offer Extended Camp Hours for Early Camper Drop-Off and Pick Up. If you need these services, you should contact the camp to confirm availability.

Best Prices on All Leadership Summer Camp Clothing and Gear

James 4-H Camp & Outdoor Learning Center
Mingus Mountain, Arizona

Visit Our James 4-H Camp & Outdoor Learning Center Website
Mingus Mountain, Arizona

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Mingus Mountain, Arizona

James 4-H Camp
University of Arizona
PO Box 210036
1140 E. South Campus Drive
Tucson, AZ 85721-0036


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.


Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Swimming, Math, Science, Technology, Wilderness/Nature, and more. Description Of Weekly Camp Programs Can Be Found On The Camp Website.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located on Mingus Mountain between Prescott Valley and Jerome, AZ.

CAMP FACILITIES: The James 4-H Camp & Outdoor Learning Center holds camping programs April through October. The property includes a swimming and fishing lake, cabins for up to 100 participants, bathhouse, Rec Hall, Dining Hall, and baseball field. The entire property is surrounded by the Prescott National Forest.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Description of weekly camp programs can be found on the camp website.


FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Arizona 4-H Family Camp (May 2014)

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James 4H Camp and Outdoor Learning Center

There are 11 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

Teen Leadership Camps in Arizona

Arizona Leadership Camps for Teens sometimes include more 'intense' or immersive leadership activities, and can be much more rigorous. Teen Leadership Camps in AZ tend to have more focus on leadership skills development, sometimes involving intense activities or experiences, with limited down-time, and include age-appropriate special camp events designed for teens.

Be sure to speak with each camp you are interested in, so you know exactly what to expect.

Huachuca Oaks Christian Camp
Hereford, Arizona

Visit Our Huachuca Oaks Christian Camp Website
9502 S. Hwy 92
Hereford, Arizona 85615

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Hereford, Arizona

same as above

CAMPER AGES: Ages 6 - 17 (grades 1 - 12)

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Huachuca Oaks is able to take care of and manage any Food Allergies or dietary needs such as vegan, glucose-free, lactose intolerant and nut allergies.

The camp is also able ON ADVANCE NOTICE to work with micro and chemical allergies in our sleeping quarters and camp buildings.

Horses/Equestrian, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: Huachuca Oaks is located 12.5 miles south of Sierra Vista, AZ on S. Hwy 92. The camp has 30 acres of live oak trees mixed with some manzanita, juniper and pine. The facility is on the sloping foothills of the Huachuca Mtns and borders on the Coronado National Forest.

CAMP FACILITIES: We have two bunkhouses and one lodge housing 120 people in 16 rooms, all with heating/ac and bathrooms. There is a main chapel, indoor swimming pool, two dining halls, a small meeting hall/staff lounge and 6 full RV sites.

Sports at camp include softball, basketball, field games, archery & rifle ranges, limited mountain biking and rock climbing, an obstacle course and a 425 ft. long zip line.

We also have a craft shop, an old museum, an outdoor amphitheater with a large stage, fire pit and outdoor lighting, a large game room with snack corner and a Christian bookstore selling camp apparel and reading material.

Our Indian Oaks tipi village is currently under reconstruction and will be opening in 2015.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Our summer camp programs are open to children from grades 1 - 12 and are grouped accordingly. Summer camp is Christian based with exciting speakers, fun weekly themes and live Christian bands for the junior and senior high weeks of camp. There are plenty of activities throughout the day and evening to keep the kids moving and having fun with others.

Throughout the remainder of the year, the camp is open to various rental groups from the surrounding communities that use the camp for a variety of activities. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and others use the camp for activities, earning badges and doing service work.

Churches bring out youth, men and women for weekend retreats while a number of charter, private and public schools use the camp for science programs and overnight stays while exploring the rich history of southern Arizona.

We are host to several family reunions each year and also are privileged to host and cook for special dinners and receptions held at the camp.

Each winter the camp hosts up to 4 RV couples from the SOWER's program that brings volunteer workers to the camp to help with remodeling, repairs and new construction at the camp.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: Summer internships available for CIT age 15-up. Summer internships available for LIT age 18-up
Cooking internships available for those interested in learning more about commercial kitchens and cooking for large groups, dates vary throughout the year.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Partial summer camp scholarships available to needy families that qualify.
Family discounts for more than one child.
Prison Fellowship scholarships for Angel Tree registered children through local churches or organizations.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: The camp is open year-round for retreats, leadership training, science camps, corporate meetings or retreats, day camps, etc.

Availability is limited to open dates and group size.

OTHER CAMP INFO: Huachuca Oaks is conveniently located just 40 minutes southeast of I-10, within 30 minutes drive of such great historic towns as Tombstone, Bisbee and an hour from Douglas. This area is well know for such characters as Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Geronimo & Cochise, the outlaw Pancho Villa along with copper, silver and gold mines.

Other areas of interest include the Ramsey Canyon hummingbird sanctuary, Kartchner Caverns, Coronado National Memorial, the Slaughter Ranch, the Dragoon Mtns. and Chiricahua National Monument.

We are always open to interested volunteers who have skills in construction and maintenance, housekeeping, cooking, office work and landscaping.

The camp is owned by the Southwest Church Connection, a non-profit 501(c)3 and the camp is also a stand-alone non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We are in partnership with Prescott Pines Christian Camp located in Prescott, AZ.

Please see us at This Website Link for much more information, fees and registration.

2014 Summer Sessions are listed as follows:
- Cowbelles & Wranglers June 9-14 grades 3-5
- Ponderosa Jr. High June 16-21 grades 6-8
- Challenge Sr. High June 23-28 grades 9-12
- Buckaroo Camp June 30-July 03 grades 1-3
- Rucker Adventure Camp June 30-July03 grades 9-12

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Huachuca Oaks Christian Camp

There are 10 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

★    ★    ★    ★

Complete List of Arizona Special Interest Camps

Click on any of the links below to visit that special interest camp directory. Return here to continue searching Arizona Leadership Camps.

More Arizona Leadership Camps Below

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 Check Out These *Featured Camp(s):

Pine Canyon Camp & Retreat Center
Willcox, AZ

Visit Our Pine Canyon Camp & Retreat Center Website
(520) 824-3553
11701 S Downing's Pass Rd
Willcox, AZ 85643

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Willcox, Arizona

CAMPER AGES: 8 to 18

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Resident.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian.

Dance, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Team Sports, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located 100 miles southeast of Tucson, AZ, on 15 acres in the incomparable Chiricahua Mountains, just 10 miles from the Chiricahua National Monument.

CAMP FACILITIES: 10 room lodge and retreat center available year-round, plus 11 cabins, dining hall, small meeting ramada, recreation hall, multi-use sport court, ball field, archery range, fire circle/amphitheater.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: We host youth, teen, and family camp programs during the summer months and are available for rent to special needs groups, family camps, women's groups, men's groups, other churches and organizations, sports camp, band camps, family reunions, weddings, board retreats, etc., the rest of the year. We also host a winter camp.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: July 14-19, 2014; Suggested Ages: 14-18 or entering 9th-12th grade, Fall 2014.

This 6 day/5 night session is designed to develop your teen’s leadership potential, while having fun in a safe environment. Discover God in your life and also participate in archery, hiking, games and FUN, adventurous activities.

The program includes Interactive Trust and Teambuilding Workshops, Organizing Camp Activities, Leading Songs & Skits, Working with Campers of all ages, and a Pine Canyon Camp service project.


FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Family camp program, July 3 to 6, 2014 OR schedule your own.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Retreat Center available year-round for group rentals.

OTHER CAMP INFO: Changing lives since 1946.

Discovery Camp; June 24 – 28, 2014 Suggested Ages: 8-11 or entering 3rd -6th Grade

Fall 2014 Activity Camp; June 29 – July 3, 2014 Suggested Ages: 12-18 or entering 7th-12th grade

Fall 2014 Challenge Camp; July 6 – 10, 2014 Suggested Ages: 11–14 or entering 6th–9th Grade

Fall 2014 Teen Adventure Camp; July 14 – 19, 2014 Suggested Ages: 14-18 or entering 9th-12th grade

Fall 2014 Family Camp & Camp Reunion; July 3 to 6, 2014 All Ages Welcome!

Go to This Website Link for brochure and registration forms, or email info(at)

The following summer camp jobs are available:
Camp Nurse
Activities Director
Arts & Crafts Instructor
Dance Instructor
Mountain Bike leader

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Pine Canyon Camp and Retreat Center

There are 9 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

International Leadership Camps in Arizona

Some of our Arizona Leadership Camps accept International Campers from all around the world. Some camps could offer special Summer International Programs, scholarships, or other incentives to international campers.

International Campers and Parents: Be sure to contact each Arizona Leadership Camp you are interested in to see if they accept campers from other Countries, if they hire any international staff, or if they offer any Special Summer Leadership Programs for International Campers.

Beginners Edge Sports Training Sports Camps
Scottsdale, Arizona

Visit Our Beginners Edge Sports Training Sports Camps Website
7000 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona

No OFF-Season, we hold camps all year

Watch Our Beginners Edge Sports Training Sports Camps Video

CAMPER AGES: potty-trained through 12 years

TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. Weekdays, Daily: 9am-4pm (extended care available)

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Get ready for some FUN! We will be LEARNING & PLAYING the following sports: soccer, softball, basketball, football, volleyball, dodge ball, golf, tennis, kickball, track & field and badminton! There’s more! Relay races, capture the flag, newcomb, scooter hockey, scooter soccer, frisbee, 4-square, 2-square, bump out, sprout ball and many more playground games & activities! Don’t forget our bounce house, obstacle courses and scrimmaging! Wow! Keep your kids active all year with our seasonal camp offerings! Your kids deserve the B.E.S.T.!

Basketball, Football, Baseball, Weightloss, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Team Sports, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: Located in the heart of Scottsdale Arizona. Cross streets are Scottsdale Rd & Shea Blvd. Other Valley Camp locations available. Please visit our website for more information

CAMP FACILITIES: Our 4000 sq ft facility is air-conditioned, safe and clean and open only to your campers! Our main gym is where we play our sports and our party room is where we do crafts and have catered lunches and snacks which are included.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Coach Mitch, (CEO) and his wife have owned B.E.S.T. for 12 years and is proudly AZ family-owned and operated. Sports activities are an integral part of every child’s physical and social development and we believe it is very important for kids to enjoy and learn HOW to play these sports in an encouraging and empowering environment. Let your kids excel to become their B.E.S.T! Why choose us, you ask? Because Your Kids Deserve the B.E.S.T!

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: CIT programs available. See our website: This Website Link

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: For scholarships or financial assistance, please contact "Angels For Athletes AZ" at: This Website Link

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Sports Classes available Valley-wide for kids 18 months thru 10 years.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Sport-specific & multi-sport weekly Classes available Valley-wide for kids 18 months thru 10 years. Mini-Camps, Enrichment Programs, Award-Winning Birthday Parties, After School Programs available.

OTHER CAMP INFO: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall Camps available.

Sibling discounts available, multiple camp discounts available.
VIsit This Website Link for all camp locations and dates.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Beginners Edge Sports Training Sports Camps

There are 8 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

Arizona Leadership Camps Offer Scholarships & Financial Aid

Some Arizona Leadership Camps offer Camperships, Scholarships, and other forms of full or partial financial assistance to deserving campers.

Be sure to check each camp's description under "CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE" for complete information, including exactly how to apply.

FICA Young Investors Wall Street Training Summer Camp
Arizona Location(s)

Visit Our FICA Young Investors Wall Street Training Summer Camp Website
Locations throughout the US
11310 S. Orange Blossom Trail #244
Orlando, Florida 32837

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Orlando, Arizona

Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Houston, TX
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO
Miami, FL
Nashville, TN
New York, NY
Oakland, CA
Phoenix, AZ
San Francisco, CA
Tampa, FL
Seattle, WA
Washington DC

11310 S. Orange Blossom Trail #244
Orlando, Florida  32837

Watch Our FICA Young Investors Wall Street Training Summer Camp Video


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. Daily: 9am-4pm

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Fun, Exciting and Informative! These three terms sum up the FICA Young Investors Summer Camps. Students enjoy financial intelligence training, video and board games, financial field trips to local financial districts, and guest speakers from some of America's largest corporations.

Technology, Academics, and more. Financial Intelligence, Financial Investment Training, Wall Street Summer Camp.

CAMP LOCATION: San Francisco State University
1650 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

CAMP FACILITIES: FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps TM are held in safe and professional learning environment; usually on the campuses of some of America's most prestigious Colleges, Universities and or executive/education learning centers

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: These three terms sum up our comprehensive and very informative FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps TM. While we are very committed to providing certified instructors, field trips and superior financial intelligence informative training applications, we don't just stop there. We make sure to set aside some time for a little fun, tours and entertainment activities. As a result, learning about the world of business and financial intelligence has never ever been this much fun!

Future Investor Clubs of America's comprehensive financial training system includes: Access to the FICA's Members Camp Preparatory Training Network; Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers TM; Winning On Wall Street Kickoff TM; American Dream Plan introductory training; Basic Financial Intelligence Training TM (BFIT); Advance Financial Intelligence Training TM (AFIT); Executive Financial Intelligence Training TM (EFIT); Financial Intelligence Training TM (IFIT); International Financial Intelligence Training TM (IFIT) intelligence training curriculum's presented in a creative and interactive way to enhance the learning process.

All Future Investor Clubs of America summer camp instructors are Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers(CFIT) having completed our training programs. Each CFIT has years of business, education, executive, investing and or financial services experience.

Future Investor Clubs of America summer camp programs are designed to be a top quality, positive comprehensive learning experience that students will never forget. Therefore, FICA has incorporated carefully designed Financial Field Trips TM to enhance the students experience and learning process.

FICA members who have completed the Basic (BFIT), Advanced (AFIT) and or Executive Financial Intelligence Training (EFIT) curriculum receive Certificates of Completion and are eligible to participate in many fun, exciting and informative events.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: All Future Investor Clubs of America summer camp instructors are Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers(CFIT) having completed our training programs. Each CFIT has years of business, education, executive, investing and or financial services experience. In addition to industry experience, our instructors must complete 40 hours of training on how to teach each of our BFIT, AFIT, EFIT, IFIT and LFIT curriculum's.

Future Investor Clubs, Chapters and Centers are eligible to select lead teachers and instructors to attend CFIT training programs. Individuals completing our instructor comprehensive training programs earn the designation of Certified Financial Intelligence Trainer TM (CFIT). Business and financial industry executives, managers, investment advisors, commodity/stock brokers, traders and other professionals are scheduled as guest speakers during the camp training week.

OTHER CAMP INFO: Depending on your camp length of stay, approval and city selection, students will visit such places as: Downtown Business Districts; Investment and Community Banks; Commodity/Stock Market Brokerages, Angel Investor Networks; Federal Reserve Bank; Venture Capital Networks; Fortune 500 Companies; Private Equity Corporations; Hedge & Mutual Fund Corporations, Insurance Corporations; Corporate Meetings; College/University Business School Tours; Investment Trading Companies, Commodity/Stock Exchanges and more!

All field trips are held daily and are designed to provide attending students a once in a lifetime summer learning experience.

Camps are held in June, July and August.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
FICA Young Investors Wall Street Training Summer Camp

There are 7 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

Troubadour Theatre Summer Art Camps
Tucson, Arizona

Visit Our Troubadour Theatre Summer Art Camps Website
3244 E Camden St
Tucson, Arizona 85716

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Tucson, Arizona

3444 E Pima St
Tucson, AZ 85716



CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Troubadour offers day camps for ages 5-18 in acting, musical theatre, music, and art. We have 6 different camp sessions in 2016.

Dance, Theater, Musical Theater, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: Khalsa Montessori School at 3244 E Camden St. On a residential street NE of Speedway and Country Club.

CAMP FACILITIES: We are located at Khalsa Montessori, a small elementary charter school. We have rented out the entire campus, so we have all day access to the main MPR, plus 3 classrooms, and the playground.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: First Spotlight: An acting camp for all experience levels ages 7-11. Students will perform in a musical play and learn about acting, improv, and theatre games. Reading is required. If your student is not yet a strong reader, please request a copy of the script prior to the start of camp.

Rock, Roll, Repeat! A rock and roll music camp for aspiring musicians and singers. This camp requires one year prior experience in selected instrument. Camp will cover rock music history, instruments lessons, and practice and performing a rock concert for family and friends.

Troubie Tikes: A camp for the youngest actors, ages 5-6. Students will learn acting, theatre and imagination games, improv, and pantomine. This camp concludes with an informal presentation for family and friends.

Broadway Bound: A musical theatre camp where students learn about acting, singing, dancing, as well as directing, costumes, makeup, set design, stage combat, improv, and more. Students will perform in a fully mounted summer stock production of a Broadway musical for family and friends.

Antic Arts: A comedy theatre acting camp where students learn about comedic acting, improv, directing, theatrical design, playwriting, and will perform in a fully mounted production of a play for family and friends. All levels of experience welcome.

Mutant Academy: An art camp for aspiring comic book artists. Students will learn about comic book illustration, composition, writing, and create their very own comic book series which they will get published and take home at the end of camp. All directors are theatre, art, and music professionals. All have fingerprint clearance, and are first aid and CPR certified.

Daily snacks are included in camp price for all camps and full day camps also include friday pizza parties.

All students will receive a role in their show. We also offer an apprenticeship program for those students interested in areas of theatre other than acting.

Before and after care is available.

Sign up for more than one camp, and all additional camps are 1/2 price!

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: We offer an apprenticeship program in our theatre camps for those interested in directing, stage management, costume or set design.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: We offer scholarships for all camp sessions. Scholarship forms available upon request by email.

First Spotlight: A Camp for Young Actors
Ages 7-11, All levels of experience welcome
Two weeks, Mon-Fri June 6-17 12:30 PM-4:30PM
Performance Friday, June 17 5:30 PM
Cost: $215 tuition, $25-$50 off with early registration
Includes a full production of the play The Velveteen Rabbit

Rock, Roll, Repeat: A Rock n Roll Music Camp
Ages 12-18, Prior experience required
Two Weeks, Mon-Fri June 6-17 9:00AM-12:00PM
Performance: Friday June 17, 6:30 PM
Cost: $195 tuition, $25-$50 off with early registration
Performance will be a live rock concert!

Troubie Tikes: A Camp for the Littlest Actors
Ages: 5-6, no experience required
Two Weeks, Mon-Fri June 20-July 1 9:00AM-11:30AM
Cost: $165 tuition, $25-$50 off with early registration!
Camp will conclude with a class presentation for family and friends.

Broadway Bound: A Musical Theatre Camp
Ages 10-18, All levels of experience welcome
Two weeks, Mon-Fri June 20-July 1 9:00AM-4:30PM
Performance: Friday, July 1, 5:30PM
Cost: $325 tuition, $25-$50 off with early registration
Includes a full summer stock production of Bye Bye Birdie

Antic Arts: A Comedic Acting Camp
Ages 10-18, All levels of experience welcome
Two weeks, Mon-Fri July 5-15 9:00AM-3:30PM
Performance: Friday July 15, 5:20PM
Cost: $295 tuition, $25-$50 off with early registration
Includes a full production of the play Romeo To Go

Mutant Academy: A Camp for Comic Book Artists
Ages 10-18, All levels of experience welcome
Two weeks, Mon-Fri July 5-15 9:00AM-12:00PM
Cost: $195, $25-$50 off with early registration
Includes a published comic book that you create.

Please visit our website at This Website Link to register.

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Troubadour Theatre Summer Art Camps

There are 6 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

 Check Out These *Featured Camp(s):

Hi-Five Sports Camp
Arizona Location(s)

Visit Our Hi-Five Sports Camp Website
11875 N 24th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85028


9313 E Desert Arroyos
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Watch Our Hi-Five Sports Camp Video

CAMPER AGES: 4-12 years

TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. Weekdays 9am-3pm

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

Basketball, Football, Baseball, Weightloss, Soccer, Golf, Swimming, Team Sports, and more. Lacrosse, Floor Hockey, Team Handball, & Other Field Sport Activities.

CAMP LOCATION: Cactus Road, 2 minutes west of the AZ 51. Our indoor sports experience is based at the campus of Paradise Valley Christian Prep. Please call for locations in other states.

CAMP FACILITIES: Hi-Five groups campers in their own "Division" by age grouping. We then form teams from these divisions and assign each a college name and a team coach. Then campers spend the day doing what they love most... playing team sports. Almost everything within an air-conditioned environment. For parents, it is about keeping their children active, healthy, and happy; but for kids summer means no school, non-stop sports, and a lot of fun. LUNCHES ARE INCLUDED FOR ALL CAMPERS.


Founded by the Tuchman Family in 1990, Hi-Five Sports Clubs evolved from a
single-operation in Chicago’s North Shore suburbs to a multi-city organization with locations in Arizona, California, Downtown Chicago and New York… and we’re still growing!!

Hi-Five Sports clubs offers programming for children PreK-8th grade, including classes, leagues and of course, camps!! At Hi-Five, FUN is the name of the game. On top of helping boys and girls develop and train new skills on and off of the playing fields, Hi-Five believes that kids should feel good about themselves. We’re all about fair play, sportsmanship and living a healthy lifestyle… not just competition!!

Staffed with experienced professionals who love working with kids, Hi-Five provides a safe, well equipped and positive environment where young athletes can thrive… Where kids can be more than kids… They can be All-Stars!!

Join Us and Get in the Game Today!!

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: CIT (7th/8th graders) pay $95 per week; lunch included. CITs will learn how to develop and lead group programs both on and off campus. Future employment available upon 4 week completion of our CIT program.


YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: After School Sports Club, Lil Kickers Soccer, Golf Lessons, Tackle and Flag Football, as well as Fall/Winter/Spring Break Camps.

Coming soon... batting cages and other sport specific training.

May 27 through July 25, 2014

$155-$240 per week

Call for details about other available discounts... such as team of 5 discount, sibling discount, multi-week discount, etc.

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HiFive Sports Camp

There are 5 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

Cactus Day Camp
Paradise Valley, Arizona

Visit Our Cactus Day Camp Website
6050 N. Invergordon Rd.
Paradise Valley, Arizona 85253

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Paradise Valley, Arizona

14430 N. Agave Drive
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

CAMPER AGES: 3 - 13 (going into 8th grade)


CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

Dance, Theater, Fine Arts/Crafts, Basketball, Baseball, Cheerleading, Soccer, Gymnastics, Swimming, Team Sports, Technology, and more. Team Sports, Model Rocketry, Gaga, Archery, Climbing, Yoga, Capture The Flag, Field Games, & More!

CAMP LOCATION: Our location is on the beautiful campus of the Paradise Valley Montessori Academy with Camelback Mountain as our backdrop. The campus is just three minutes from the Scottsdale Railroad Park.

CAMP FACILITIES: Cactus Day Camp has two pools, several classrooms, an art studio, a large courtyard and playgrounds and a shaded sport court.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Cactus Day Camp provides a full day “traditional” summer program five days a week for 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks where safety is the priority, friendships are fostered, healthy lifestyles are encouraged and your child's fun is unlimited. Each day is filled with many of our over 20 activities including archery, swimming, gaga, gaming, team sports, gymnastics, crafts, dance, mini golf, model rocketry and more. Fridays culminate each week with a special camp-wide event. Campers gain independence, a sense of belonging and skills in an emotionally safe, physically safe and non-competitive environment. Cactus Day Camp is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: We have camper leadership programs for those entering 9th through 11th grades
designed to do the following:

-Develop positive role models for young campers
-Create leadership opportunities for young adults
-Strengthen communication & social skills
-Gain experiences working with young campers
-Gain experiences assisting with favorite camp activities

For more information and an application, please visit This Website Link.

We offer 2, 4, 6 and 8 week sessions starting on June 6th and ending on July 29th.

More details about our rates and dates can be found on our website.

HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE STUDENTS needed for children’s day camp. Be a counselor, lifeguard or activity leader! Teach your favorite hobbies like crafts, swimming, sports, gymnastics, archery & more! Must be mature, energetic & able to work week DAYS from May 27 - July 25. Please visit: This Website Link or call 480-836-2267.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Cactus Day Camp

There are 4 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

Willow Springs Program Center
Prescott, Arizona

Visit Our Willow Springs Program Center Website
775 N Camp Willow Springs Road
Prescott, Arizona 86305

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Prescott, Arizona

Watch Our Willow Springs Program Center Video

CAMPER AGES: 5 - 17 years old

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. Weekends

CAMPER GENDER(S): All Girl Campers.

Dance, Theater, Musical Theater, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Team Sports, Computers, Science, Technology, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. Aviation
Martial Arts
Wilderness Survival

CAMP LOCATION: Willow Springs Program Center is a 190-acre camp at an elevation of 6,000 feet almost completely surrounded by Prescott National Forest. The camp is located two hours northwest of Phoenix, AZ and three hours south of the Grand Canyon.

Camp Blog at: This Website Link.

CAMP FACILITIES: The camp facilities include 20 modern cabins, 2 dormitory style buildings, fire-pits, flushing toilets, dining hall, covered program ramadas and several miles of scenic hiking trails.

Program facilities include: archery range, low and high challenge course, outdoor stage and seating for up to 200, ceramics studio, dance studio, fiber arts library, nature education resources, outdoor cooking learning lab and coming soon...videography lab.

Camp counselors are housed in nearby cabins within each unit.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Camp Directors recruit and screen mature, qualified staff who have a desire to share their enthusiasm for camping, the outdoors, and arts. We also hire staff from other countries to give your camper the chance to broaden her understanding of other cultures. All camp staff participate in an intensive pre-camp training which includes program, first aid, CPR, camping, human relations skills and drug-testing.
Specially qualified staffers direct the archery, challenge course, ceramics, drama, dance and trip programs.

Most of the camp staff are college students studying education, sociology and outdoor recreation – among many others. All staff must be 18 or older.

All camp staff participates in an intensive pre-camp training this includes:
Program development
First aid and CPR
Outdoor skills, including Leave No Trace
Human relations skills
Child development

Willow Springs Program Center is accredited by the American Camping Association Inc.

Counselor In Training I
9th-12th grades
Two week session
Want to work at camp someday? Come join the fun! You’ll learn about leadership, teamwork, child development, and more as you help in units and program areas. Visitother camps in northern Arizona, and start working with younger girls. *CITs at Willow Springs will be sleeping in the Yurts in the Pima Unit.

Counselor In Training II
11-12th grades
Three week session
If you have completed CIT 1 then you may be ready for CIT 2. Depending on your interests and strengths, you will choose a specific area to focus, and further your leadership, teamwork, and teaching skills within that area. Learn how to develop and deliver program and complete a service project.
Prerequisite: CIT 1 and entering 10th-12th grade


Scholarships (camperships)
Financial Assistance – Camperships
GSACPC makes every effort to provide financial assistance so that no girl misses out on the opportunity to attend camp due to lack of funds. Financial assistance ranges from a portion of the fee to the total camp fee, minus the deposit, for those demonstrating need.
The campership request form is available online.
Camp registration must be complete prior to applying for financial assistance. Notification regarding financial assistance will be sent via a separate email from the confirmation packet. Please allow six weeks for processing. Available at: This Website Link.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Family Camp Programs include:
Me and My Gal ~ Daisy, Brownie Overnight
K-3rd grades- 2 Day
You and your favorite adult female are about to embark on an overnight adventure of staying up late, learning new songs and games and discovering the outdoor adventure playground at Willow Springs.

Leader Daughter Weekend
K—12th grades & Adult Volunteers
“Girl Scouts Together”
3 Day
Are you interested in learning more about Girl Scouting and spending time in the cool pines of Willow Springs? You and your daughter can sign up for the Leadership Weekend where you will be able to enjoy Girl Scout volunteer trainings while your daughter(s) will spend time with Willow Springs Camp staff and camp program.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: We host Girl Scout groups throughout the year (any day of the week) through "Adventures at Willow" as well as offer one weekend program per month AND a Fall Break and Spring Break camp.

OTHER CAMP INFO: This Website Link

Current sessions for Summer Camp 2014 can be found online at: This Website Link.

Residential Camp
Week 1 = June 3-6
Week 2 = June 8-13
Week 3 = June 15-20
Week 4 = June 22-27
Week 5 = July 6-11
Week 6 = July 13-18
Week 7 = July 20-25
Week 8 = July 27-30

Day Camp
Week 2 =June 9-13
Week 4 = June 23-27

Summer Camp Staff
Please visit: This Website Link.

Positions available include:
Health Supevisor - *preferred RN or LPN
Assistant Camp Director
Program Director
Camp Store Coordinator
Instructors - Music, Arts and Crafts, Ceramics, Archery,
Outdoor Education, Dance, Drama, Videography, Martial Arts, Astronomy, Outdoor Skills, Backpacking and Fiber Arts
Unit Leaders
Unit Counselors

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Willow Springs Program Center

There are 3 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

Camp Innovation
Phoenix, Arizona

Visit Our Camp Innovation Website
600 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Phoenix, Arizona

Watch Our Camp Innovation Video

CAMPER AGES: 3-14 years old

TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Arizona Science Center’s CAMP INNOVATION will bring adventure, exploration and discovery this Summer! From learning about natural forces, investigating a crime scene, exploring the messy side of science to discovering the world of insects and meteorology, campers will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while being engaged in science!

Computers, Math, Science, Technology, Academics, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located in Downtown Phoenix and in the Heritage & Science Park off of 7th Street and Washington. Please visit for camp details.

CAMP FACILITIES: Arizona Science Center's campus includes the main building which has 4 levels and classrooms for camp and adjacent from the main building is the Public Hall and CREATE, where classes can take place.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: 1st – 6th Grade:
Masters of Disaster
June 6–10, June 27–July 1, July 18–22
$225 Member
$275 Non-Members

Survive the destructive forces of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanos! Discover the science behind extreme weather, avalanches, tsunamis, and more. Campers will become junior meteorologists as well as design and engineer structures and inventions that can help us predict and withstand the elements of nature.
Wheel of Science
June 13–17, July 25–29
$225 Members
$275 Non-Members

Each day brings a new adventure featuring fun, hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). Discover patterns in nature, chemistry in cooking, and the laws of motion. Express creativity through design and engineering and explore the messy side of science!
Creature Feature
June 20–24, July 11–15, Aug. 1–5
$225 Members
$275 Non-Members

Explore the most extreme habitats on Earth, and the animals, insects, and others that call these places home. From bioluminescent organisms in the deepest depths of the ocean to prehistoric insects the size of a car, dive into a world of extreme animals! Combining the biggest thrills of biology with the creative artistry and technology of movie making, campers will uncover and explore these amazing animal adaptations.
Pre-K-Kindergarten (3-5 years):
STEAM-y Summer Science
June 13–17, July 11–15, July 25–29
$160 Members
$185 Non-Members

It’s getting STEAM-y at Arizona Science Center this summer! Campers will explore basic concepts from science, technology, engineering, and math through engaging projects and hands-on activities integrated with the arts.
Wildly Weird Animals
June 20–24, Aug. 1–5
$160 Members

Giant insects, horseshoe crabs, and tardigrades, oh my! Discover a world of amazing, gross, and downright strange animals that inhabit our planet Earth. Through fun and interactive hands-on science activities, campers will learn about these strange groups of animals as well as what makes them unique.
Little Engineers
June 6–10, June 27–July 1, July 18–22
$160 Members
$185 Non-Members

Do you like to make new things that no one has seen before? Design out-of-this-world vehicles with LEGOs or build a robot from aluminum cans? Through open and focused exploration, campers will stretch their minds to innovate and create their own tools, machines, and crazy contraptions while discovering a world of engineering possibilities.
7th-9th Grade:
Crime Scene Investigations
June 13-17, Aug 1-5
$225 Members
$275 Non-Members
Additional: $20

Investigate the world of forensic science as you unravel a mystery and build a body of evidence! Use molecular biology to examine DNA left behind at the scene and uncover the culprits using current forensic techniques. Analyze and collect evidence as well as examine fingerprints, hair samples, and much more!
Camp Code
June 20–24, July 11–15, July 25–29
$225 Members
$275 Non-Members

Learn how to code in unique ways this summer at Arizona Science Center! Work on a variety of projects from games, to microcontrollers, to robotics, and express your creativity while learning programming at the same time

Future Leaders in Science
June 27–July 1, July 18–22
$225 Members
$275 Non-Members
Additional: $20

You can create the future! Learn about exciting new careers and advances in cutting edge science and technology designed to solve real-world problems. From engineering cities of the future, to building robotic tools to accomplish a task, campers will examine the application of current research to problem solve and design the future.
SWIFT Weather Camp*
June 6-10
$135 Members
$165 Non-Members
Additional: $20
9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Explore the science of meteorology and related career opportunities in SWIFT Weather Camp. Campers will explore exciting weather phenomenon while working with Arizona State University researchers and National Weather Service meteorologists in forecasting, observing and reporting all aspects of weather and climate. Campers will engage in hands-on activities, field experiments, seminars, tours of research facilities and workshops that expand their knowledge of atmospheric sciences, weather, forecasting and environmental instrumentation. See This Website Link for more information.

BMI [AT] Barrow Neurological Institute*
Dates: TBD
$225 Members
$275 Non-Members
Additional $20

Experience a world inhabited by research scientists and neurosurgeons while learning what it takes to get a drug from the laboratory bench to a patient’s bedside. Join us at Barrow Neurological Institute for a unique opportunity to conduct hands-on lab work involving DNA extraction, gene transformation, and protein purification. The experience features amazing tours and talks by scientists and neurosurgeons at Barrow. The week concludes with campers conducting research-based presentations for a live audience of scientists, parents, and friends.
* This is a competitive process with a limited number of available seats. For information about the application process, please contactcamps[AT]

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: Visit This Website Link for Professional Learning & Development programs.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Arizona Science Center’s CAMP INNOVATION will inspire and engage curious minds about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning all year long. Camps vary throughout the year from biology, robotics to coding, there is a camp for ages 3-14.

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Camp Innovation

There are 2 Top Arizona Leadership Camps Below

 Check Out These *Featured Camp(s):

Camp Civitan
Williams, AZ

Visit Our Camp Civitan Website
(602) 953-2944
5008 N. Civitan Road
Williams, AZ 86046

Find the Best Leadership Camp in Williams, Arizona

Watch Our Camp Civitan Video

More than 6 months ago. Contact camp for the latest 2017 camp info.


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. Day/Overnight/Weekend

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers. All Boy Campers. All Girl Campers.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Camp Civitan is the Civitan Foundation's longest running and most beloved program, offering week-long camp sessions throughout the summer, and weekend adventures once a month the balance of the year for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Dance, Theater, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Basketball, Golf, Horses/Equestrian, Swimming, Waterfront/Aquatics, Team Sports, Computers, Technology, Academics, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. Special Needs

CAMP LOCATION: Camp Civitan is located in the cool pines of Northern Arizona, 30 miles west of Flagstaff in Williams, a quaint town that offers a world of opportunities to both the outdoor enthusiast and the avid tourist.

CAMP FACILITIES: Camp Civitan is a 15-acre wheelchair accessible and ADA approved facility which boasts sleeping accomodations for 120 people, industrial kitchen facilities, a large dining hall, a fine arts center, indoor/outdoor recreation halls, outdoor basketball courts, a miniature golf course, a TotTurf� multiplex, a field house, an inflatable obstacle course, a large firepit area, a hay wagon, an outdoor theater and staging area, a greenhouse and playground.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Camp Civitan is the Civitan Foundation's longest running and most beloved program, offering week-long camp sessions throughout the summer, and weekend adventures once a month the balance of the year for children and adults with developmental disabilities. This program provides campers with a variety of enriching and fun experiences that promote positive self-esteem, teamwork, socialization, and healthy activities.

Camp Programs
Arts & Creative Expression: Arts and crafts, drama and skits, creative movement, music, and other projects spark the campers� creativity.

Physical Activities: Swimming; outdoor activities; games; and adaptive sports and play using our specialized facilities and equipment promote campers� health and build motor skills.

Education: Nutrition classes are integrated into all Civitan programs, and cover topics such as healthy eating habits and trying new foods, understanding the food pyramid, and promotion of a variety of healthy physical activities. Much of this instruction is in conjunction with the Arizona Nutrition Network.

Ongoing Field Trips: Fishing at Kaibab Lake, Bearizona, swimming at Williams Aquatic Center and community events and festivals.

Nighttime Activities: Karaoke, skit performances, carnival games, themed dances, barbeques, campfires and hayrides.

Guest Instructors & Speakers: Dance classes, Karate instruction, and visits from Smokey Bear are a just a few of the exciting activities brought to camp by our guest instructors.

Socialization: Campers develop friendships, create lifelong memories and gain social skills.


OTHER CAMP INFO: The Civitan Foundation, Inc. is a DDD qualified vendor and can accept respite hours as a form of payment.

General descriptions for the Summer Camping Season are provided below. For a complete schedule, please visit: This Website Link.

Home on the Range Week: Come to your home away from home, Camp Civitan! This week we will enjoy the best of our camp activities, including a visit to Bearizona to see those deer and antelope play, a hayride, a sing along by the campfire, horseback riding through the range, a wild west BBQ with western entertainment, western leather crafts inspired by local native Americans and western Karaoke. We�ll close out the week with a line dance to the best of country music. Seldom is heard a discouraging word and the sky is not cloudy all day at Camp Civitan!

Wild West Week: Welcome to our ranch on the American frontier, in a dusty little town the locals call Williams. Frontier towns like Williams, situated at the edge of civilization, can be dangerous places. Our particular town is often beset by outlaws. These bandits will roll into town taking gold, money and food before riding back out to the range. The Sheriff needs to deputize a few good men and women to restore order. Join us for a week filled with crackling campfires under the western moon, gold rush days, cowboys and outlaws, the Cowpuncher�s Rodeo, horseback riding and an old-fashioned hoedown barn dance on Sunday.

The 7 Wonders of the World Week: Join us for a whirlwind trip around the world as we travel to each of the 7 Natural Wonders�with a little help from our imaginations! We will begin our trip at Arizona�s own Wonder, the Grand Canyon, as we travel to the canyon and experience the Wonder first hand. Each day we will travel to a new country by experiencing the food, games and music from each new worldly destination. We will visit the Mount Everest, Canada�s Victoria Falls, the Great Barrier Reef, Mexico�s Paricutin Volcano, and many more exciting destinations on our grand adventure. Come experience all the world has to offer during the 7 Wonders of the World week at Camp Civitan.

Wet and Wild Patriotic Week: This week we�ll be splishin� and a-splashin�, movin� and a-groovin� and rockin� and a-rollin� as we celebrate the joy of being American. Being American in July means splashing down a slip-n-slide, barbecues with hot dogs and ice cold coke, and parades down Main Street. In honor of this one-of-a-kind heritage, we will have wild and wet activities each day including water slides, a trip to the Williams aquatic center, water games, and many beautiful and extraordinary outdoor adventures here at Camp Civitan. For the icing on the cake (or the ice cream on the apple pie), our campers will ride on a festive float in the Williams 4th of July Parade. Come discover what makes America Great! Join us for a wild week of water games and patriotic wacky fun. You are sure to find plenty of ways to beat the heat during this very wet, very wild celebration of America!

Hollywood Week: Lights, camera, CAMPING! We�re rolling out the red carpet for you at our Hollywood Gala on Sunday night. Don�t settle for 15 minutes of fame, come to camp for a whole week of stardom! Camp Civitan is proud to present the first annual Camp Civitan Film Festival! Campers will participate in writing, scripting, creating costumes and filming a movie. We will edit the film and have our own movie premier on Saturday night at the big stage in town. We will also perform some live skits at our big red carpet Gala event along with our screening in Williams. Come let your inner star shine! Each camper will come home with a copy of our finished movie to share with family and friends.

Holidaze Week: Welcome to Camp Civitan, where every day is a holiday and every meal is a feast. This week we�ve taken the best days of the entire year and put them into a single week. We'll celebrate Easter with eggtastic activities, Halloween with costumed glory, Thanksgiving feasts and traditions, Christmas inspired games, and end the week with a blowout New Year�s Eve ball. Come celebrate the best of the year�s Holidaze in one week!

Girls Only Diva Week: Girls only week is a great opportunity to spend quality time with other girls and make new, lifelong friends. It is a chance to develop new skills and build self-confidence through exciting and challenging activities that encourage teamwork. Have fun with your new friends, and indulge in all things girly. Come and experience spa day, a chocolate fondue party, Death by Chocolate murder mystery, chick flicks and our PJ fashion show. Come join in on all things feminine and let your inner Diva Shine!

Boys Only Adventure Week: Come strut your inner man and bask in the joy of a girl free zone. You will spend the week learning to fish, becoming an expert at building a campfire, picking up some clubs and learning to golf, and getting your hands on a bow and arrow and learning about archery. Finally, we�ll cap off the week with a visit to Flagstaff to see the Cardinals Training camp. Come experience Camp Civitan�s �man cave� and bond with other men!

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Camp Civitan

AZ Leadership Camp Parents & Campers

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Arizona Girl Scouts Camps
Summer Camps in Arizona
119 East Coronado Road
Phoenix, AZ, 85004-1512

Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus Pines
Willow Springs Program Center

Prescott, Arizona

Shadow Rim Ranch
Payson, Arizona

Camp Maripai
Prescott, Arizona

Day Camp on the Road
Throughout Arizona


Please visit our website for more info.

Arizona Boy Scouts Camps
Summer Camps in Arizona
Grand Canyon Council
Council Service Center - Phoenix
2969 North Greenfield Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016

For more info visit the website.



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